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2020 – The Year of Reinvention and Reimagination

Starting 2020 with High Hopes & Positive Outlook

The 21North family began 2020 with a lot of excitement as 5 new cities were about to go operationally live in India & we had a pragmatic expansion plan in South East Asia! We were going to become 5 years young and were fully focused, committed to deliver objectives before FY19-20 ended!
And hence, we welcomed 2020 with a positive outlook all set to take on the Aftermarket Revolution and make this space a convenience for Automobile dealers & customers!

Unprecedented Times that nobody Expected

However, by the time we reached mid-March,

we were witnessing an event that never happened in the past 5 years i.e., a day without a pickup or a drop off request from vehicle owners and auto dealers.

Change was sudden, rampant, huge & an absolute shocker!

Focus is Everything

At times, we have to put emergency breaks & that’s what we did. At the same time, led by Praveen, our entire leadership team came together & we were clear – “Storm has arrived, let’s hold the fort with an attitude that this too shall pass!”
Focusing across channels and all stakeholders were of prime importance. We took bold but rounded decisions on costs, re-structured & re-grouped ourselves as was the need of the hour. While the world around us was rapidly evolving, we were optimistic about our future as the pandemic had finally made it evident for businesses that they cannot survive without going digital. The crisis was unfortunate but it was a learning arch for individuals, businesses and even governance. It taught us the importance of innovation, technology and network. Customer preferences had taken a turn and people only wanted to step out for necessities. Thankfully, we could bring services to their doorstep!

2 months of complete lockdown was invested in building numerous functional capabilities, skill development, client management, relationship building, and understanding market in deeper ways. Driven by our 5 core values & HR theme of the months, we ensured constant growth & gearing up for a stronger tomorrow when things start restoring! Our motivated Team did a phenomenal job in making sure that things kept moving. We were elated knowing that through our support, Auto Retailers are only a QR Code scan away from their customers.

High Growth Phase with International Expansion!

With relentless effort from all teams, we saw a bright future with our product creating a pull market! Month on month, our Sales team kept adding clients strengthening our associations; the Product team launched multiple new features that were cautiously adapted for the requirements of the post-pandemic world; the Technology team made strategic changes with the tech stack to make our solutions flexible, scalable & equipped with AI/ML capabilities. We even kickstarted our new vertical in aftermarket segment from auto parts to used cases & much more. We set a strong foundation of Channel Partners to manage field operations for fast-paced growth!

This was extremely encouraging as we added 4 new cities in India, taking the count to 20 cities. Singapore added new clients bringing instability & we launched business in our third country, Indonesia as well!
Booking Requests skyrocketed in from September 2020 to December 2020. Each passing month gave way to new milestones for us. We continue to fulfil the promise of convenience now with a promise of trust and safety.
21North is here to revolutionize the 2021 aftermarket across the globe!
It’s always easier to run fast when you have the momentum! With the right set of people who work in sync like a family, motivated mindsets, and passionate individuals, we at 21 North welcome 2021 with a poised attitude and determination for stupendous growth. In simple words, we aim to be a brand that becomes a verb for automotive aftermarket convenience in day-to-day life across the globe!

Wishing you all a Happy & a Progressive 2021 from 21 North Europ Assistance!

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