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  1. The Company will issue an Ambassador ID to the Ambassador to access and use the Ambassador Platform and based on its sole discretion, a Device for the performance of Services. The Company will have the right, at all times and at its sole discretion, to reclaim, prohibit, suspend, limit or otherwise restrict the Ambassador from accessing or using the Ambassador Platform or the Device. The Company, shall charge the Ambassador an amount of S$ 200 or an amount that could change from time to time, as security deposit towards the Ambassador kit provided at the time of signing this Agreement or the Company shall deduct such amount as security deposit from the Fees payable to the Ambassador or deduct an amount appropriately from the Ambassador over installments.

  1. The Customer shall avail the Services offered by the Company making a service request for “21N Driver” pursuant to which the Ambassador shall perform the Services. The Ambassador shall perform the Services during the working hours prescribed in the Company’s policies. Upon acceptance of the service request made by a Customer, the same will be notified to the Ambassador through the Ambassador Platform. The Company will then provide the Customer information to the Ambassador via the Ambassador Platform, including the Customer’s location and pick up time. The Company shall also provide specific information to the Customer regarding the Ambassador’s name, photo, license number, location and movement information as on the day of pick up and contact information. The Customer shall be entitled to cancel the Service at any time up to 0 hours of the pick-up time of the Vehicle.

  1. On the date of the Service, the Ambassador shall reach the location indicated by the Customer for the pick-up of the Vehicle within the prescribed time. The Ambassador shall take photographs of the Vehicle in the presence of the Customer using the Device to record the physical condition of the Vehicle and post it under the Customer’s service request account on the Platform. The Ambassador shall then take the keys from the Customer and proceed to fulfill the Service.

  1. Upon completion of the Services, the same will be notified to the Company by the Ambassador.

  1. For purposes of clarity, during the drive from the Customer location to the Drop off Location, or from the Drop Off Location to the Customer location, the Ambassador shall activate the GPS in his/her Device to enable the Customer to track the Vehicle’s location at all times during the performance of the Service.