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Shifting Gears in Challenging Times

Last year we optimistically anticipated that the pandemic and its after-effects would last for a couple of months. What we hoped would be a brief lockdown turned out to be one of the most drastic economic altering events. Major superpowers around the globe struggled in keeping their economy from falling apart. According to experts, aviation, realty, retail, finance and automobile were the worst-hit sectors. There was a massive fall in demand for new and used vehicle marketplace because the purchasing power of the typical consumer was under threat. Moreover, international barriers and their impact on the movement of automotive parts brought the automotive aftermarket also to a halt.

As the blow of the virus grew, vigilant citizens became sceptical about stepping out for anything but essentials. Apart from the falling demand, the supply was severely affected too. The pandemic had caused the workforce to retreat to their native places due to the absence of a stable source of income. Functioning of businesses and generation of revenue seemed unimaginable. All everyone could do was wait and hope for a better future.

Favourably, as difficult times subsided, government, businesses and citizens gradually gained the confidence to return to normalcy. But due to the persistent damage done by the pandemic, a lot of industries faced an imbalance between demand and supply. Similarly, the auto industry that was critically impacted by the pandemic and lockdown was seeing a surge in demand in the unlocking phase. Vehicle owners who had barely used their vehicles in the past few months needed servicing on an urgent basis. It is common knowledge to all vehicle owners that the absence of regular vehicle usage results in internal issues that need professional attention. While the demand was increasing by the day, the supply was still shaky since the migrated workforce had not returned. Availability of resources and time management were key issues. Customers who were stepping out for vehicle servicing despised the delays and management struggles at the workshop. Though justifiable, the whole experience was leading to a strained relationship with customers in the long run. This would affect sales and turnover in the long run. That is when the adoption of 21North’s technology was acknowledged as the need of the hour.
By using 21North’s technology platforms, customers could conveniently book doorstep vehicle pickup & drop facility from their convenient location at a suitable time. The idea was to enable hassle-free vehicle fulfilment requirement for customers from the comfort of their home by allowing auto retailers to reach vehicle owners from anywhere. By addressing the key issues of digitization and accessibility during the pandemic, 21North enabled smooth management of the surge in demand. The slots were responsibly booked by the auto retailer based on the availability of technician and workload. 21North Ambassadors had undergone hygiene and safety protocol training to ensure that vehicles were handled with utmost care. After successful booking, the ambassador would arrive at the designated location wearing a mask and gloves with recorded daily temperature for successful pickup. The entire process of placing the vehicle service order and receiving an estimate of invoice and date of delivery was digitized by 21North. All the vehicle owners had to do now was sit back and relax at home while our safe and contactless service did the needful. Consequently, auto retailers were able to manage the requirements and resources efficiently. The gap between demand and supply was successfully and digitally bridged using 21North’s contactless and hygienic service.
During the unlocking phase, people were also insecure about using public modes of transport. For the sake of safety, everyone wanted to opt for personal transport. This led to an outpouring demand in the purchase of personal vehicles, cars in particular in both new and used vehicle marketplace. While the industry had anticipated this demand, lack of resources, availability of drivers, etc were hindering the flow of purchase. The recovering auto industry was facing grave issues in supporting its revival. 21North’s trained ambassadors had taken up the responsibility to reach potential customers at their doorstep for vehicle test drives and doorstep deliveries. By reaching the customers wherever they are, the auto retailers were on a strong path to recovery. By using 21North’s vehicle pickup & drop facility for stockyard and internal movements too, auto retailers were able to keep their vehicles sale and dispatch ready.
After putting up a resilient fight at the same time last year, we are facing this deplorable situation yet again. While the severity is much worse than the last time, we want to convey to the auto industry that just like last time, 21North Europ Assistance is well equipped and qualified to support auto retailers, OEMs, Insurance providers and other major players with doorstep pickup & drop facility. Trust is an important element that sways consumer preferences in times like these. By offering a safe, secure and contactless experience, you are making a promise of supreme service to your customers. Our digital payment options are yet another way of ensuring your customers’ needs are met without any inconvenience. As always, 21North will go above and beyond to help you in keeping your customers safe and happy in the best and worst of times.

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